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News - May 19, 2015 - by mrusso

5 Advantages of Continuous Cast Bronze

When speaking of cast bronze products, there are numerous methods of casting currently in use.  These are sand casting, centrifugal casting, and continuous casting.  This post will look at continuous casting and outline the benefits of this process.

The superior qualities of continuous casting are achieved by feeding molten metal through a furnace to an inert cast protected

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- Nov 10, 2015 - by mrusso

Alloy Spotlight: C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum bronze alloys are important metals due to their excellent physical, mechanical, anti-corrosive, and wearing properties.  With the addition of nickel to an aluminum bronze alloy you can achieve an increase in strength without diminishing its excellent ductility, toughness, or corrosion resistance. One such nickel aluminum bronze alloy is C63000.  This high strength alloy is

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- Dec 02, 2015 - by mrusso

Bronze Tube Tolerances

Cast bronze alloys are listed chronologically by their nominal dimensions.  Any continuously cast bronze tube is guaranteed “to finish to” its nominal size. To accomplish this, “clean-up” material is added to both the ID (inside diameter) and OD (outside diameter).

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- Nov 30, 2018 - by mrusso

C86300 Manganese Bronze Flat Bar Now Available

C86300 SAE 430B Manganese Flat Bar / Plate Stock is now available for sale online on Bravobronze.com

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- Dec 08, 2015 - by mrusso

C86300 Manganese Bronze – For High Load Bearing Applications

If your application demands a bearing material capable of withstanding heavy loads, C86300 manganese bronze should be considered as your alloy of choice.  Also known as SAE430B, or simply 430B for short, C863 is tough and corrosion resistant. This alloy is ideal for low speed, high load applications that require outstanding wear characteristics.  

Cross Index  

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- Oct 21, 2015 - by mrusso

Cast Bronze Alloys Applications

What do Aircraft Landing Gear, Earthmoving Equipment, and Textile Machinery all have in common?  They all use bronze alloys for various components that make them function properly.  The bronze alloy for landing gear bushings is different than the bronze alloy for lawnmower bushings, for example.  So, which bronze alloy is commonly used in your application?  Use our cast

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- Oct 20, 2015 - by mrusso

Check Out Our New Cast Bronze Alloy Comparison Chart

Have you ever been quoting a job with an obscure alloy that's impossible to find?  Instead of returning to your customer empty handed, use our alloy comparison chart to find an available and acceptable subsitution.  This chart has many common (and not so common) cast bronze alloys and their individual properties.  Compare Chemical Composition, Tensile Strength, Machiiabilitly

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- Oct 22, 2015 - by mrusso

Cut to Size Bar Stock – What It Means, and How It Benefits You

We use the term “cut to size” in a number of places on this site.  But what are we actually talking about when we use this term?  Cut to size bar stock means that we will cut your bar stock to the exact length you require.  We don’t force you to buy any standard lengths or minimum purchase.  In laymen’s terms, you only buy the material that you

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News - Feb 11, 2019 - by mrusso

Freight Shipping Available for Online Orders

Now you can get instant freight pricing for orders over 150lb on bravobronze.com.  Since the launch of our ecommerce site for bar stock you were limited to orders of weights under 150 lbs due to the limits of UPS Ground shipments.  With this newest addition customers are able to get live shipping rates from Fed Ex Freight.  This enables our customers to place larger orders

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