C86300 Manganese Bronze Flat Bar Now Available

- Nov 30, 2018 - by mrusso

This Manganese Bronze Plate is available in a number of thickness and widths.  As with all of the items on bravobronze.com each size can be cut to your desired length, so there is no need to order more material than you need for your job.  SAE 430B plate is an alloy used in applications that require heavier load bearing properties at lower rates of speed.  The Manganese Bronze plate is continuous cast to ASTM B505.  The C863 Plate is also dually certified the ASTM Specification ASTM B22 for bridge bearing materials.

C863 ASTM B22 Plate Stock


Used in applications such as wear plates, pipe line supports, and bridge bearings, C863 Manganese Bronze Plate is utilized for it’s superior mechanical properties.

C86300 SAE 430B ASTM B505 ASTM B22 Flat Bar Stock Online