Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure for diameter?

All of the bar stock on Bravobronze.com is listed by the nominal size.  The nominal size is a size that is used for identification purposes; the actual size of the bar stock will be approximately the nominal size but not exactly.  The variance from the nominal size and the actual size is listed under the tolerance tab for the specific item.  The amount of “extra stock” that a bar stock may have can vary depending on the method of casting.  Be sure to compare the dimension you require with the tolerances for the specific piece of bar stock you wish to purpose.  For some items you may want to choose a nominal size that is larger than your finished size to ensure that you have enough extra stock to machine your end product. 

How to measure for length?

Bravo Bronze owns and operates some of the most sophisticated cutting equipment available.  We can saw parts plus or minus 0.030 on production sawing orders.  Most of our online orders do not require this kind of precision.  Generally our customers ask for a length tolerance of plus ¼”/ minus 000".  When entering the length of the piece that you need enter the size you would like it cut exactly to and our experts will cut it very close but no shorter than your requirements.  For close tolerance production sawing orders contact use directly and one of our sales technicians can offer you a custom price.

Shipping Restrictions

UPS does a great job shipping our packages at a reasonable price but they have specific limitations when it comes to the maximum size of a package that they will ship.  If your item is over 100” long and/or over 150 lbs it can’t go UPS.  Don’t worry you still have a couple of options.  Many times our customers do not need the full length of the bar they order and have us cut it in half in order to ship via UPS.  To have this done, simply enter “cut in  ½ for shipping” in the “special instructions” box on this page. 

If a shorter piece won’t work for you give us a call and we can work it out for you.  We ship via most of the major LTL carriers 

What kind of tolerances can I expect on my material?

When dealing with bar stock we generally list different sized material by nominal sizes.  These nominal sizes are usually what the material should clean up or machine to, but that’s not always the case.  To find out what the exact tolerances when comparing the actual sizes of the material compared to the nominal stated size, simply click on the tolerances tab on the selected product page.  Under this tab we list the additional stock that you will find on the various dimensions of your product.  These tolerance are listed in ID, OD, Width, and/or Thickness depending on the shape of the bar stock.  Some of the cast bronze bar stock has a bit of extra stock on the various surfaces while the extruded product are almost exactly the size state.  Make sure to check the tolerance tab in order to double check that you will have enough material to clean up to your finished sizes. 

Tolerance can also mean the additional stock that is added to the length that we cut your bar stock.  We generally will add around 1/16” to 1/8” to the length that you specify.  We add this as a precautionary procedure in case the material is not completely square and/or flat.  We ask that you specify what the exact length you require and we will do our best to get as close to that as we can without going under it. 

What if I can’t find the alloy, shape, size, etc. that I’m looking for?

We pride ourselves on having one of the widest range of bronze, brass, and copper alloys online.  That being said there is always situations where we don’t list the specific alloy, shape or size that you need.  For these instances we offer our RFQ form to submit a quote request to our Sales Department.  Our Sale Technicians can often offer you the exact product you require or an acceptable substitute.  Generally this requires a little time to work up so we ask for 24 hours to get back to you with an answer.  Our experts are highly experienced in bronze, brass, and copper alloys and they can offer valuable guidance when looking to source an odd alloy or shape.

How much lead time do I need to order bar stock?

Most of the products that are available for purchase on bravobronze.com are stocked in our warehouse for quick shipment.  If your item is in stock then generally we can ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  Generally if you order before 12:00 pm EST then your order will ship the same day.  On the rare occasion that we don’t have the exact product that you ordered in stock, there may be a 2-3 day lead time.  We will contact you immediately in situations like this so you can plan accordingly. 

Why can’t I order a piece that is longer than 100”?

This has to do with the shipping restrictions that UPS has on their ground shipments.  Their max length is around 108” long.  We cut off our products at 100” to account for the extra length that may be added from the various packaging materials we use to secure your order.  Currently we do not have an option for freight shipments online.  This is a feature we plan on adding in the future.  Many of our customers are able to get around UPS length restrictions by cutting the bar stock they need down to multiple shorter pieces that they can still use to manufacture the products they require.  If you absolutely need a piece longer than 100” please contact us directly via email or phone and we can set up freight shipping on a one by one basis.  Also keep checking back as the freight shipping feature should be added in the near future.

Can I pick up my order?

If you are in the Metro Detroit Area you are welcome to pick up your order at our Roseville, Michigan warehouse.  In order to do this please contact us directly via email or phone and we will walk you through the steps needed in order to have your material ready at our will call counter.  This is another feature that we plan on adding to the online store in the near future, so make sure to check back for this update as well.