The best return policies are the ones you don't have to use. As you place an order with us, please confirm that the sizes and quantities are accurate. In addition, check your email confirmations to make certain that the materials are correct. Finally, we need to know as quickly as reasonably possible if there is an issue with an order. For this reason, we request that you contact us regarding a problem within 15 days after receipt.

Canceling Orders:

Customer service is our top priority. We understand that mistakes are made, and orders sometimes need to be cancelled or postponed. When that's the case, please call us immediately. An order can only be cancelled if we have not cut it yet. This generally happens no more than 4-6 hours after an order is placed.

If you've ordered incorrectly:
We all make mistakes, and understands that.  Unfortunately when we cut material to a specific size that you request it makes it really hard to sell that custom cut piece to another customer.  When this occurs we will handle it on a case by case basis.  We may be able to offer scrap value for the returned piece or work out something else.  Please contact us as soon as you realize the mistake and we’ll see what we can do for you.