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News - May 19, 2015 - by mrusso

5 Advantages of Continuous Cast Bronze

When speaking of cast bronze products, there are numerous methods of casting currently in use.  These are sand casting, centrifugal casting, and continuous casting.  This post will look at continuous casting and outline the benefits of this process.

The superior qualities of continuous casting are achieved by feeding molten metal through a furnace to an inert cast protected

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News - Feb 11, 2019 - by mrusso

Freight Shipping Available for Online Orders

Now you can get instant freight pricing for orders over 150lb on bravobronze.com.  Since the launch of our ecommerce site for bar stock you were limited to orders of weights under 150 lbs due to the limits of UPS Ground shipments.  With this newest addition customers are able to get live shipping rates from Fed Ex Freight.  This enables our customers to place larger orders

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News - May 13, 2019 - by mrusso

Performance Capabilities of Cast Bronze Alloys

There are several factors that will influence the wear and service life of bronze bushings.  Operating temperature, surface roughness of mating parts, mating surface material, etc.  One factor that has a considerable influence on determining the operating life of a bushing is the PV factor. PV is a means of measuring the performance capability of bronze bushings.  P – is

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News - Mar 29, 2016 - by mrusso

What is ASTM B584 Bronze?

We often receive requests looking for “ASTM B584” bronze.  Many of the customers looking for this type of bronze come to us with a bit of confusion on what exactly ASTM B584 bronze is and who supplies it.

The official definition of ASTM B584 is as follows:

(From the ASTM B584 Specification Document)

“This specification covers requirements for

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