Performance Capabilities of Cast Bronze Alloys

News - May 13, 2019 - by mrusso

There are several factors that will influence the wear and service life of bronze bushings.  Operating temperature, surface roughness of mating parts, mating surface material, etc.  One factor that has a considerable influence on determining the operating life of a bushing is the PV factor. PV is a means of measuring the performance capability of bronze bushings.  P – is expressed in pressure and V- is expressed in velocity.  The PV Value is the product of the specific load (P) and the sliding speed (V).  This value is one of the most important to consider when designing a bronze bushing.  The various cast bronze alloys have different P, V, and PV factors that could help you design the perfect bearing for your application. 

Below is a chart outlining the various performance capabilities of bearings machined from the cast bronze alloys available from Bravo Bronze & Alloys.  As always, this information is for general reference use only.  Only skilled engineers can understand all of the factors required to design an optimal bronze bushing.


Alloy        P-Value (Max)        V-Value (Max)        PV Factor (Max)
C93200 Bearing Bronze     4000     750     75,000
C95400 Aluminum Bronze     6000     250     125,000
C86300 Manganese Bronze     8000     150     150,000
C90300 Navy G Bronze     5000     250     90,000
C95900 Aluminum Bronze     8000     100     150,000