Cut to Size Bar Stock – What It Means, and How It Benefits You

- Oct 22, 2015 - by mrusso

We use the term “cut to size” in a number of places on this site.  But what are we actually talking about when we use this term?  Cut to size bar stock means that we will cut your bar stock to the exact length you require.  We don’t force you to buy any standard lengths or minimum purchase.  In laymen’s terms, you only buy the material that you need.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

What this means for you is lower material cost, less scrap, and less machining time.  All of that equates to you being able to offer more competitive quotes and win more work from your customers.  It also means that much of your work will be more profitable.  In the highly competitive marketplace we find ourselves today, this can be of great value. 



How can we do this?


We’ve been perfecting this process for decades and have been able to develop a very large customer base. This large customer base along with our in house machining division, allows us to take full advantage of our inventory and eliminate the scrap loss that other metal distributors would incur if they attempted to offer cut to length bar stock. 


How to order cut to size bar stock?

We developed to make ordering fast and easy for our customers. 



From the homepage ( ) chose your alloy from the “Shop Alloys” dropdown. 





From there use the filter on the left side of the page to find the exact shape and size that you need.  Once you finish choosing your shape and size, click the “Shop this alloy” button that will bring you to the specific product page.





 In the "length" field simply enter the length of the material you want, and that’s it.  If you need multiple pieces of that length there’s a box below to enter quantities greater than 1. 




It doesn’t get much easier than that.  You get an instant price for the exact, cut to size bar stock for your job.  If you need any extra help, use our live chat feature located at the bottom of every page or give us a call and we will walk you through it.


With the ease of use from and the savings you’ll receive from cut to size bar stock, you’ll be winning more jobs and growing your profits right away.