C86300 Manganese Bronze – For High Load Bearing Applications

- Dec 08, 2015 - by mrusso

If your application demands a bearing material capable of withstanding heavy loads, C86300 manganese bronze should be considered as your alloy of choice.  Also known as SAE430B, or simply 430B for short, C863 is tough and corrosion resistant. This alloy is ideal for low speed, high load applications that require outstanding wear characteristics.  

Cross Index     Chemical Composition Minimum Requirements
CDA SAE AMS Cu Zn Al Fe Mn Tensile (PSI) Yield (PSI) % Elongation BHN @ 500 kg
C86300 430B   63 25 6 3 3 110,000 62,000 14 225


While C863 is commonly known as manganese bronze, there is very little manganese (Mn) in its composition – generally between 2.5% - 5%. Despite the fact that there is less than 5% Mn added, the effect is a vast increase in tensile and yield strength, 110,000 psi and 62,000 psi respectively. Consequently, manganese bronze is the ideal alloy for high strength bushings, heavy load bearings, large valve stems, gears, cylinder components and related parts.  Manganese bronze is used liberally in earth moving equipment, would pulp machinery, steel mill equipment and marine hardware, to name just a few. 




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C86300 Manganese Bronze Specification Sheet

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