C11000 ETP Copper

C11000 ETP Copper

ETP (Electro Tough Pitch Copper) is cast from the highest purity copper cathode available grade. The right material and the right production process make our ETP Copper bar perfect for all technical and economical solutions to any electrical applications dealing with copper bar. Copper bar is used in various electrical applications and requires several key electrical and mechanical properties including high electrical conductivity, good formability and surface flatness. These key properties rely heavily upon quality of raw materials and consistency of the production process.


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C95900 Aluminum Bronze Flat Bar


Sizes listed by thickness x width

C95900 Aluminum Bronze Round Bar

Solid Round

Sizes listed by outside diameter


  •  Buss Bar
  • Ground Bar
  • Terminals
  • Contacts
  • Conductors
  • Printing Rolls
  • Heat Exchangers


CDA C11000

ETP Copper

Chemical Composition

Cu - 99.90% min

O- 0.04% nominal



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