C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze

C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze

C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze is an excellent alloy when you require the strength and anti-corrosive abilities associated with aluminum bronze alloy but need the ease of machinability of a bearing bronze. C642 Silicon Aluminum Bronze is the alloy of choice. C642 has a machinability rating of 60 with a tensile strength ranging from 75 - 90 ksi. C642 is a wrought alloy which improves its general size consistency compared to similar cast products. This improved consistency reducing machining losses and decreases overall product cost.

Aluminum Bronze families of alloys offer distinct advantages in a number of areas. These attributes include higher mechanical properties, excellent anti corrosive abilities, along with good fatigue and anti-galling strengths. For the most part these advantages were obtained with the tradeoff of a lower machinability rating. This lower machinability rating can be overcome with the addition of silicon to the alloy composition.The end product is what we refer to as Silicon Aluminum Bronze. As a result of the addition of Silicon this new alloy combines the higher mechanical properties of the aluminum bronzes with a high machinability rating generally only found in alloys with lower mechanical properties.


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C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze Round Bar

Solid Round

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  • Valve Guides
  • Electrical Pole Line Hardware
  • Landing Gear Bushings
  • Marine Hardware and Fasteners
  • Wellhead Components


CDA 64200


SAE J463

AMS 4634

Chemical Composition

Cu- 91.20%

Pb- 0.05%

Sn- 0.20%

Zn- 0.50%

Fe- 0.30%

Al- 6.30% - 7.60%

Si- 1.50% - 2.20%

Ni- 0.25%



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